Crown King Gladiator Fire – Residents Allowed Back

That is right, you read the headline correctly.  After nearly two weeks of being evacuated residents are being allowed back in town today.  Full time residents are allowed back today, property owners are allowed back tomorrow, and the general public will be allowed to come to town on Monday if all goes as planned.

The checkpoints are still in effect on the roads into town and residents must obtain a permit to pass teh checkpoints from the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office.  Here is the official notice:

RE-ENTRY SECURITY Law Enforcement will ensure that only residents of the affected communities are allowed in. Please be sure you have appropriate identification proving you are a resident with you. You must get your re-entry pass before returning home. These passes will only be issued at the Sheriff’s Office Sub Station at 13272 Central Avenue in Mayer (771- 3509).

  • Phase 1 –   Day 1 – will be opened to Full Time Residents and Business Owners Only.
  • Phase 2 –   Day 2 – will be opened to Part Time Residents and Other Property Owners.
  • Phase 3 –   Day 4 – will be opened to public/media.

Thank you everyone for your support.  There will still be 100+ fire fighters around town working on cleanup operations.  So please stay out of their way.  We will have another update today regarding rehabilitation efforts.  We hope to see you on the mountain soon!

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10 thoughts on “Crown King Gladiator Fire – Residents Allowed Back”

  1. It is so good to know all can return to their homes in Crown King. I do hope they
    all will find everything ok.  We have been so worried about that awful fire getting
    into the town. Was always worried the wind would change directions.
     I would check the ‘updates’ every day.  I do feel sorry for those who
    did loose a house or building.  Do hope they will be able to rebuild.
    Our granddaughter, Taylor in Phoenix, said when the fire get very bad – “I hope the
    buildings in Crown King will not burn, new ones can be built, but they
    would not be the same. I loved to be in Crown King.”  
    Am sure all have a lot of work to do now & being thankful everybody is ok.  Do miss
    you all.
    Thank you Carol, Ben & Dane for the updates.    Take Care,  Jackie Holmstrom

  2. Oh that’s wonderful just wonderful.
    Thank you Dane and everybody.
    I plan to visit as soon as I get to AZ.
    God bless you all!

  3. We are so happy for you all!!  We’ve prayed and are so glad that Crown King is OK!!

  4. We are happy to hear that you all can go home. That is great news. Now  the healing begins.

  5. Great news & thanks for keeping those of us far away informed. Blessings to that wonderful place.

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