Early History:
Hohokam, Yavapai & Apache Indians have all dwelled in the Bradshaw
Mountains, beginning in 1100 AD.
1864 Battle Flat skirmish
14 Apache Indians & 1 miner were killed.
1870 Gold & silver discovered on the Del Pasco claim
Bradshaw gold & silver rush begins!
1875 The Crowned King’s first claim was discovered
1888 A post office was established at the Crowned King
George P. Harrington as the first postmaster.
1888 One of the first business ventures to spring up near the Crowned King
Mine was a saloon.
Late 1897 Crowned King Mine has a post office, company store, several
saloons, two Chinese restaurants and a feed yard.
1904 Town burns; Saloon saved!
Crown King General Store established; Railroad arrived.
1916 Current Saloon moved from Oro Belle to Crown King. According to
Bruce Wilson’s “Crown King and the Southern Bradshaws: A Complete
History,” Tom Anderson was “the man who probably lived in Crown
King longer than anybody else” and had the saloon moved piece by
piece to its current location.
1917 Crown King School is established & first Church built.
1950 Fire in Crown King; Church burns, Store & Saloon barely saved.
Thirsty fire-fighters knocked back most of the Saloon’s contents after
the fire was extinguished.
1972 Battle Flat fire destroys over 28,000 acres.
1986 Fire Station built on the site of the original church.
1988 Tie House burns, Saloon saved!
1995 The Mill at Crown King opens, first new business structure built in
over 75 years.
2003 Switchback Bar & Cafe burns; Saloon saved!
2004 Crown King General Store celebrates 100-year anniversary.
80 to 100 full-time residents
Hiking & Riding trails to explore
Rowdy event weekends that might go down in history!