Crown King Gladiator Fire – Day 9 Update 2

I have made a third video tour of the Crown King Gladiator Fire using Google Earth and the fire map overlays provided by the Southwest Incident Management Team.  Today was a very dry and hot day for the fire crews.  We will have another update tonight once more information is released, but wanted to get this video up as soon as possible.  As we stated earlier, there have been two more structures lost to the fire today.

Please feel free to comment below on your thoughts of the video, and if there is anything you would like pointed out in the next video.  We also appreciate you sharing this page with your friends and family, and using the buttons on the left of the screen to like the page on Facebook.


63 thoughts on “Crown King Gladiator Fire – Day 9 Update 2”

    1. Thank you Becky, hopefully you will be able to make it back to Horsethief soon.

  1. Excellent update, Dane, thanks.  Best ever with the points of reference marked.  Looks like we might still be standing – sure hope so! 

    1. I am hoping Cloud Mine is still standing also.  We will keep you updated.

  2. Yes, Spud Ranch (Green Mountain)  lost the main house to an airborne ember that lit the roof on fire .  As of the 6:00 pm  Channel 12 report it looked like we still have the garage and probably the outhouse!!   The outhouse is half brick, so it is probably like a convertible and we saw that the garage was still standing, but we don’t know when the photoes were taken.
    Ed Voss flew over Towers Mountain on his way to a case in Flagstaff and  the Voss’s, Doerenbecher’s and our cabin were fine early this morning.  The Yavapai Sheriff’s office called us this evening to tell us that we had lost the cabin but didn’t mention the garage or outhouse, so we shall be turned into the news stations at 10:00pm.   We will either rebuild one cabin or maybe three separate bldgs.   We all have grown children!  It is hard to see your cabin  engulfed in fire on the newscast, but none of us were up there, so it is all good!   We shall pray for the rest of you.     Dane: You did good telling our oldest daughter, Tami. She was in tears when she called us, but then she emailed a PICTURE of our  fire on Channel 15.  We will all overcome this awful fire !  She has so many memories of playing with all the cousins in the meadow and learning to be a crack shot; Grandpa Cliff Collup taught all his grandkids to shoot.  We have oodles of memories, so we ain’t down yet!!   We spoke with Hannah Doerenbecher  a half hour ago and the Sheriff hadn’t called her or Ed Voss, so maybe their cabins are still standing.  Do you think it was  the Forest Service cabin?  Please post it as soon as you hear.  Gretchen Collup,   Chuck’s Wife

    1.  Gretchen, as I told Tami, I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your Cabin.  Spud Ranch really is a unique place in the Bradshaws.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.  As soon as I hear about the other structure that burned today, I will send you an email. 

    2. hi my name is derik, my hart goes out to you.  many years i have enjoyed taking my friends up to see the towers.   your little nook and meadow area  captured their attention more than the towers did, it seemed.  So glad you and yours are ok. 

    3. Spud Ranch, so sorry to hear about your burn. You’re property is so unique, I hope you rebuild. A couple years ago you invited us over for some target shooting. Great afternoon, thank you. We’re up the road at Keystone. Waiting to get up there and assess the damage, but no news for us yet. If we can help you rebuild, let us know. All our best! The Breen’s

      1. Thank-you for the post , just waiting to get the word to be allowed back up there to secure a few things before the carnage seeking tourists show up.

        Sorry for the sarcasm but this social media stuff does have It’s downfalls…..

        1. I’d say the news media broadcasting our place burning on EVERY single news cast is way worse than the social media.  I’d be willing to bet you money that they are still using this footage next year for the next big fire.   :/

    4. Gretchen, so sorry to hear of your loss!!! When you have a chance, could you call us at 480-575-7470 or 602-377-1140. We have some important information for you. Also, check facebook Crown King group for information about the community get together this Sunday at Bumble Bee Ranch. A gain, our sincere condolences.  Gerry and Sandy, G & S Crown King Cafe.  God bless!!


          You can see anything you want, but you have to ask to “join group” to post.  🙂

    5. Gretchen & Chuck, Ben and I are so sorry about your loss. Your cabin was in one of the  most beautiful spots in the Bradshaws. If there is anything we can help you with at the General Store let me know. My cell is 602-717-6363. Phones are still out in CK. Or you can email our son in law, Dane Briggs.

      1. Make sure to have some size LARGE Crown King T-Shirts, all of mine burned in the cabin. You put it in a safe place and the closet burns…I even hung them up nicely. Thank You, Gretchen P.S. I am hungry for your fudge , too. I will send Chuck in when he gets permission to come vist the ruins and the garage, and outhouse!! There are rumors that the old original cabin burned, too….that would make two structures that burned yesterday. We shall see if the Yavapai Sheriff calls about that, too. I hope not…it could be a surprise, if he doesn;t.

        1.  I still have two totally awesome Crown King shirts that I wear to the gym daily….well, almost daily – haha!  It’s SO incredible when someone comes up to me, here in Atlanta, and says, “Hey! I’ve been there!”

    6. Sorry to here of the loss of the cabin. Always enjoyed our stays there with Cliff & Imogene.  If it had to be, I am glad it was an airborne ember and fire has not swepted across Spud Ranch.  Glad everyone is safe.  Let us krow how we can help.  Tell Chuck that he and the other Collup boys are going to have to clean out the Log Cabin.
      – Dick Macy

      1. Dick: The old log cabin may be the other structure that burned. Hannah Doerenbecher told us last night that no one had called her or Gabe and Ed Voss about any fire there. We think the fire came up from the Spring, but then again, all the TV channels have shown them back burning by the front fence and the gate in ashes AND, someone watering down the burn pit (logs)!! Chuck and I will put something up there; a Cavco trailer (doublewide) sounds pretty good right about now. Doug is on an extended vacation until June 4th (riding trains), so he is thinking about whether he will put a trailer up there or build (not much money for that) and let’s face it Kat doesn’t like any of us…she just puts up with us and she mainly goes up to Crown King with only her family across the street from you. I think if we do something on the block of land overlooking Mayer and Dewey and get away from them; maybe we can all work together…just not live together. Vicki is fighting over everything Tami says on Facebook, so we think they are going to take the 1/3 insurance on the cabin and run!! What a family!! Gretchen

        1. Gretchen,
          Why are you saying that?  That is not fair at all…I have been crying my eyes out…we have loved that place for so long!  Tami and I have been sharing stories and memories all day long…I am not fighting over anything Tami has said…We are still thinking about building up there…if anything our boys may want to eventually…How dare you say things like that!  That place has always held a special place in my heart and my families…you can only imagine Bill’s heavy heart today…every piece of wood and dirt hold a meaning behind it…watching that place burn on the video was like watching a death and I am grieving over my son and Bill’s parents all over again!  And Seth and Justin are also deeply saddened…your husband mentioned the insurance thing and my son said we should pay off debts…Gretchen, don’t assume things like that…

        2. Mom, I got the impression Bill & Vicki were less than thrilled with the idea of a trailer.  Personally, when I get a chance to come out there, I will stay in whatever I’m offered.  If Larry can’t handle it, he will be happy to hang back in Phoenix for a few days or drink a LOT of mountain dew to compensate for sleep.  He knows he’s high maintenance and he knows what the place means to us.  If a big rebuilding or clearing week gets planned and my vacation and budget cooperate, I’d like to participate. 

          But I would not say Vicki has been fighting with me at all.  It’s been challenging for me to keep the conversation positive, and there were one or two nasty comments exchanged by one or two people in the thread – which I deleted because it’s my wall and I’m not fostering arguments.  So there! 😛     I’m sticking my big nose in here because none of the rest of you old folks seem to be able to navigate online info without me.  HAHA!  (I know you can’t hear the sarcasm, but I AM joking.)

          Now everyone be nice or I’ll be forced to take a belt to you like Grandpa used to do to me!  Haha!

          1. Tami,
            You seem to be getting the wrong impressions of us!  I don’t know where you get that!  Bill and I would be the first people to lay down a blanket and sleep under the stars, bad backs and all!  Obviously, you guys don’t know us at all!  There are some metal cots that Bill had from the Park Service that moved down to Phx when we thought we were going to move out of this house…Someone, could be Doug or Brian, has not given them back to us….we could use those…I am just upset with all the devestation the fire has left…and I am grieving over a lot of other things on top of that….

      2.  Dick,  my husband told Dad, when we saw the outhouse standing “At least you still have a pot to p*ss in!”  🙂 

  3. Chuck, Gretchen, Dougie and Kat, we are so sorry for the loss of your cabin. We know you will retain the numerous memories of the generations this cabin has been in your family.  But in the meantime if you need a place to crash in the pines let us know, our cabin is open to you. Also, Doug and I will be happy to help any way we can to help restore the land / new cabin. You will overcome this as we know you for the strong people you are. You are all in our prayers. Just let us know when you are ready to rebuild, or if you have other needs. Your friends always, love Linda and Doug Illies

    1.  Chuck and Gretchen’s daughter here.  I know I knew some of you when I was spending all my summers with Granny and Grandpa up there.  But seeing all the outpouring of support for my family just makes me tear up and miss the place even more! 🙂

  4. Sitting on the edge of my seat here in the Bradshaw’s. Hoping the fire will not continue North! The way the mapping is going–it’s not looking good. Thank you for all the information. We appreciate it in Breezy Pine.

  5. Thank You Again for your excellent video/update. Being we are located West of Gray Eagle Road I am a bit worried. Do you have any info on how agressive they are fighting by the Wildflower Towers?  Thank You,  Keep Up The Great Work!!

    1. While I am not the official source of information, from what i have heard and can tell, the Wildflower and Towers Mountain areas are the primary focus of the fire crews at this point.  

  6. Although our family cabin is aways away in Walker, your update is spectacular and extremely informative to everyone potentially in the path of this fire. My heart and prayers goes out to everyone near or in this fire. God speed to those fighting this fire, be safe.  Kathy Rennie of Walker.

  7. Thanks for continued great work on these important updates.  Blessings on all those working to put out this fire.

  8. Thanks for the updates and all the info!  You do a much better job than the TV news!! We sure do appreciate it.

  9. Thanks Dane, great info.  Our hearts are with all of you.  Hang in there.

  10. Turn to you first for news and really appreciate your detailed information and mapping. So sad to hear of Imogene and Cliff’s place. From when we knew Cliff, I’d be worried he would be up there fighting the fire himself! Hoping for good news on containment and appreciate hard work of everyone!

    1.  Phyllis, you are right!  We would have had to trick Grandpa to come back to Phoenix so he couldn’t get back up! 

  11. We have friend that live in Walker….northwest area of fire.  Would like to get a view of how close the fire is in relation to this area.  Thanks

  12. I have been watching the news and not receiving much information. I really appreciated the fact that I could hear first hand from someone that knows the area and especially concerning the towers.  My husband has been working at those towers for 20 years and we are hoping they can be saved.  Thanks again and much thanks to all the firefighters.

  13. Hello.  My name is Laura and I was a part of one of the AmeriCorps*NCCC teams that worked in Crown King.  We spent six weeks reducing fuel and performing prescribed burns in an effort to clear and protect people’s properties from this exact situation.

    I grew up spending my summers at a lake in Canada populated by summer residences.  During my six weeks in Crown King, the wonderful love of place and community felt much the same.   These “cabins,” or in my case “cottages,” are so much more than just a structure in the woods, aren’t they?My heart is hurting for Crown King and for those that lost their cabins.  I sincerely hope that some of the work we did there is helping, if only a little bit.  There are some very, very strong good thoughts coming your way from Virginia. 

    Please, please, pass a message along for me.  Tell Steve Lombardo that if we could all get away from our day jobs, AmeriCorps*NCCC team G4 would be there following his direction and working our tails off in any capacity that he needed us ( I may be working a 9-5 now, but I haven’t forgotten how to wield a chainsaw and dig a fire line!.

    On a lighter note, I’ve lost my official Crown King Fire Department T-shirt!  When all settles down and some sense of normalcy returns, let me know how I can get a new one!   Some General Store Fudge wouldn’t hurt either – I may be placing an order soon!  I’m at  Again, my thoughts and heart are with your wonderful community.

  14. I cannot express enough graditude for just how important this information means to us. There are way to many fond memories in such a gorgious place…

  15. You are doing a great job! Again many thanks from us that love your beautiful town.

  16. Thank you for keeping us all informed about what is going on with the fire.  I keep seeing the smoke, but seeing your maps makes it a lot more personal.  I am thankful the town is safe so far.  Thanks again.

  17. Just wanted to say so sorry to everyone that has experienced a loss due to theGladiator fire. My son is a wildland firefighter and was called to the fire last Wed. I live in Missouri but watch any wildland fire my son is called to as if I was there in the community! He is due to be a daddy again anytime now, and is hoping he makes it through his two week assignment before that happens. I hope that this post will bring a little comfort to your community just to.know that the crews fighting this fire are fighting like its their own land and homes they are trying to save! God bless your community during this difficult time.

  18. Thank you Thank you Thank you… for your posts during this difficult time.  We are Part Timers with a cabin there for over 30 years.  Our family was glued to your maps and amazing detailed descriptions.  We will be up soon!

    Holly and Gale

  19. I want to copy and paste this entire video and others you have done and send them to my son (on a flash drive) who was a firefighter for Crown King a few years ago.  He is now in the wilds of Alaska and doesn’t get the net, TV, cell or any outside communication except snail mail 1x/week.  He will be there til fall.  Please help!

    1. I’ve had my husband saving off videos for me.  I asked him how to do it and this is his reply:
      It’s rather complicated, which is why I haven’t put it on your computer yet.

      1)  install Firefox – the latest stable version is 12.0 – Do not install the beta which is currently version 13 beta 4 – you can get firefox 12 here:

      2)  You need the plugin for firefox that allows you to save Flash videos:  you can get that here:

      I have only done this a few times, and am by no means expert.  But after installing, and restarting firefox, the can start playing a flash video, and an icon in the toolbar (I think upper right corner of the browser) will highlight to let you know you can save it.  They’ll have to read the instructions for details steps, but I usually just hit save, and specify a file location at that point.

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