Crown King Gladiator Fire – Day 9 Update 1

5-21-12 Gladiator Fire Boundary Map
Click to enlarge: Courtesy of SWIMT

We have some bad news to report today from the Gladiator Fire that started in Crown King over a week ago.  Two more structures were reported as having burned today.  I do not have any information on where these were or who’s cabins they were.  The only info I have is that for the last couple of days fire crews have been reporting 10 homes as in danger near Towers Mountain.  Our hearts go out to the owners of the two structures that burned today.

The Gladiator Fire is currently being reported to be 14,184 acres and is only 15% contained.  Fire crews continue to focus on gaining control of the fire’s Western flank.

We will have more updates this evening, but we wanted to give everyone the latest update along with the most recent maps of the Gladiator Fire.

As always we appreciate your comments and the people that have shared our posts on sites like Facebook.  Thank you for the support of the town and for the cabin owners. For more information on donations being requested and how to help the residents of Crown King please visit the Crown King Community Association.

5-21-12 Gladiator Fire Progression Map
Click to enlarge: Courtesy of SWIMT
5-21-12 Gladiator Fire Area Map
Click to enlarge: Courtesy of SWIMT

7 thoughts on “Crown King Gladiator Fire – Day 9 Update 1”

  1. I just recently found you blog and this may sound ignorant or selfish but is the fire anywhere near the center of town (general store)? I read something saying the winds may have pushed the fire away from the center of crown king. I am just curious and my heart goes out to the ppl of crown king and surrounding areas

    1. Go back to the main page and watch the update from Saturday. There is a video that shows where town is. It’s not near the store at this point.

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated on this fire.   Looking forward to your next update and video blog via Google Maps. 

  3. i have been posting on FB to let all my friend know to keep CK and peeps in our prayers.  Thank you for the posts.

  4. Yes, Dane.  I saw a news cast from abc15 and I really do think that was our place – The Collup’s at Spud Ranch on Tower’s Mountain.  The good news is that it’s not a primary home for anyone. The bad news is that it’s at least 4 generations of family history – maybe up to 6.

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