Crown King Gladiator Fire – Day 10 Update 1

Sorry everyone, but no real update tonight.  I just got back from Crown King and am too tired to put together a post.  I was up there all day working on switching to the new permanent generator and bringing the rental one back down.  I will be putting a post together tomorrow though, complete with daytime photos of the drive up.  The good news is that there wasn’t much smoke to see from town, and on the drive back down the hill at night, I only saw one hot spot.  That is a big difference from last Thursday when I went up and the whole mountain side was glowing.  Again, look for the next update tomorrow.

As always thank you for supporting the town, and I can’t tell you how great of a feeling it was to cross the magic bridge and be in the pines.  Our wonderful town is still there!

8 thoughts on “Crown King Gladiator Fire – Day 10 Update 1”

  1. Dane, Hats off to you for all the work you have been doing in keeping everyone informed as to what is happening up at Crown King and surrounding area and also working on getting a generator up there.  We live in Boise, ID and have relatives up on that mountain (Steve & Linda Lombardo).  We also love that little town and can’t wait to come back for a visit again.

    1.  We love your relatives, Mary & Darrell!!!! 🙂  Chief Steve Lombardo and his crew have worked tirelessly to save Crown King… He is a true hero in our book! We are all lucky to have Steve and Linda in our town.

    2. I have known Steve since I was a little girl and was lucky enough to work with him for a summer through the teen challenge program. I now have teenagers of my own, have cabins in CK and appreciate Steve and Linda greatly!

  2. We were really glad to read on the SWCC website this morning that they are holding the FR 92! 

  3. Please tell me that our Magic Bridge still looks…well…magic?  Did the pines right around it burn?  I know it is silly, but to me, it is such a symbol of entering the realm of Crown King!

  4. Thank you for your updates, which I have been following. The Bradshaw Mountains are one of my special places from my younger days in Arizona. I have had many pleasant times on its slopes and made a personal pilgrimage there before relocating to The East many years ago. Thanks again and sending you all good vibes.

  5. im 47 years old and a native of az and just had my first introduction to your beautiful town by way of the spring chili cook-off,and plan on many more visits,so ive been praying for all the people and structures GOD BLESS

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