Crown King Gladiator Fire – Day 5 Update 3

(Update Friday:4:46am) I just got back from delivering the generator to town.  I will have the update from last night and the morning briefing update after getting some sleep.  Lots of good info coming about the fire and the trip to town.  Check back tomorrow far a detailed account of the fires.  The good news for now is that the General Store and Fire Department once again have power.  Goodnight All (or good morning to you)
Huge thank you to Jim with the Arizona Virtual Jeep Club who came through to get us a Generator.  THANK YOU! You guys are amazing and we can’t wait to see you for your next run to town.  Also thank you to the others that called with smaller generators trying to help.  Your support is amazing!

We will have a full update later tonight, but wanted to share this video I made.  This is a Google Earth tour of the Crown King area with an overlay map of the Gladiator Fire area as of 5-17-12.  It is a little choppy and I apologize for that, but after trying 4 times, this is the best I could make it.

Let us know if you enjoy it and we will make more of them in the coming days.

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  1. Great job, gives me a much better feel for where the fire is actually burning.  Thank you and will keep praying for all of you.

    1. Yes..very helpful on the location and direction of the fire…thanks so much for sharing ….prayers are to heading in your direction…

  2. Im unsure after looking at map but is fire along ridge between del pasco and gladiator mine as that is where our cabin is. At the top north of crown king and in the saddle area looking up from town. Grossmans

    1. hi phyllis this is jeff wolfe with the crown kig fire deptment i just left off the mountain yesterday and those structures that you are wondering about like the cloud mine and spud ranch are still ok but fire was definetly encroching on them im not sure but those might now be unprotected because as of yesterday it was just getting to dangerous for the firefightersto remain in those areas. The hand crews have done alot of clearing around those structures thou. Now its up to the weather because like the video said they have removed crews and have changed tactics to try and build up defensive lines around towers mountain and the town of crown king.

      1. let me take back that last statement and say that as far as what has been said the last couple of days ican not varify that from visual perspective

        1. and everybody make sure when u see knox,oppee, justice,and chief, that u give them a big hug because they tried their damdest to stop that structure fire before it turned into the monster that it did and i forgot to mention criss he was there to. They are still at the fire house since they are full timers i got to head off the mountain and im waiting for chief to call me back in service and get credentials so i can get back up their to suport them

        2. except that i could still see the structures on tuesday and they were still standing

  3. great video really helps to get a good image of roads we travel but don’t know the names.  where are the summer homes in relation to the fire

  4. I have a 7500 watt generator.  Will that make do?  We live in Prescott and could bring it to Mayer

  5. Thank you.  This is very helpful.  Thank you fight fighters!
     God bless you and the residents displaced.

  6. Damn Dane your doing a awesome job.Wildfire sites are really useless this year.Maybe you should run one of them.Good Job

  7. Thank you for that information! It’s the best I’ve seen so far! Really appreciate your hard work. Thank you to all firefighters and the great job you are doing in protecting our homes!

  8. Dane, don’t know you but I’m sure my daughter does and she has been a wreck this week worrying about her cabin.  This will help!!  Thx,

  9. You are doing an awesome job at keeping us informed. My husband is a fire fighter from Montana and said that you did as good a job as they (fire fighters) get at  the morning briefing. We were in Crown King the first part of March this year, for the first time. It will not be our last time to come visit you all. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the fire fighter and the land owners in  area. Thank you for the great job you are doing in keeping us informed.

  10. OMG that was so helpful. It let us know our cabin was safe for the moment and filled in so many gaps in our information. bless you.

  11. Great Job – please continue with your info.  All my neighbors in Horsethief Basin are also quite worried so maybe you could referrence them also with regards to the fire location.  Have had a cabin there for 20 years & it’s still hard to get the N.S.E.W. bearings and your video helped.

  12. excellent video – very helpful to visualize what is being discussed elsewhere and issues.  Thank you!!!


  14. Eternal thanks to our own Crown King fire crew, and all the other fire departments that came to assist in controlling this monster fire before it could take out any more structures. Also, to Ben and Carol Boles, Jennifer Hill, Sandy and Jerry Baker for staying to care for the firefighters food / drink needs. I am sure there are many more people that deserve kudos that have not been mentioned here. Thank you all. Heartfelt condolences to those that lost their cabins. We thank God that we  have not had any other serious injuries or loss of lives. God Bless and praying this fire gets under control soon. Linda and Doug

  15. Thank You…Thank You! for the video, you have made all the information to date very clear.  Thanks goes out to ALL that are fighting this fire. Thank You Again…Monika

  16. Thank you so much for updating us with this map.
    Our hearts are iwth everyone can’t wait to get back up to Crown King.

  17. Thank you for the video. It is perfectly fine. I would appreciate any details regarding the Peck. We have several structures there and am hoping that the house that Virgil Synder has been living in was spared.  My email is ***********
    Valarie Vawser Isley
    Peck Mine Partner

    1. Valarie,
      I do not have OFFICIAL word on your property but I can tell you what i have heard.  Virgil was evacuated to Cleator.  Forest Service hiked up to the Peck today to check on the property and I heard that the land burned all around the structure Virgil lives in but did not burn his structure.  No word on the other structures on the property, but it did burn pretty much the entire area the Peck is on.  People are looking for Virgil to tell him the good news, as he has wandered off and walked away from Cleator.  No one knows where he is, but some assume he hiked back into the Peck to check on it himself.  If I hear more I will let you know. 

  18. Thank you for the video.  That answered some questions about where it has been better than anything else so far.

  19. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!  My parents live in Walker, AZ. In the Prescott National forest.  I am all the way back here in southeast Michigan!  I’m very worried for them and all of their friends and neighbors at this point!  Please keep us aware of this horrible disaster that is unfolding!

  20. I have been watching the news, internet, and got lucky finding your site. TRULY GREAT AND I THANK YOU. NOT EVEN THE “SO CALLED” fire reports have done so well KEEP IT UP AND THANKS

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