Apple Festival at the General Store!



Thanks to all the kids, big and little, who helped celebrate Crown King’s 2012 Apple Festival at the General Store! This year’s event was a bit scaled down from years past, but still lot of old fashioned family fun. The antique apple tree on the front porch of the General Store provided plenty of yummy “Blushing Maiden” Apples for everyone. We melted down our chocolate fudge and let kids dip and decorate their own apples. As you can guess, there were some unique candied apples!! This year we included Gummy Bears along with the traditional toppings. Jennifer Hill’s famous Apple Crisp was a big hit with the crowd . Thanks to everyone who attended and a special thanks to the volunteers. On behalf of Margaret, Jennifer, Terri, Ben & Carol……Thank You. We truly appreciate you all!

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    1. Loved the photos! Bummed we got wrong info from one of the websites, we love taking the ride out there:).. Hope to be there next year. 

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