Keep Our Desert Clean Crown King Event

On Saturday, Aug. 17th, Crown King was brimming with Off Roaders. While countless Jeeps came up from Lake Pleasant for the annual Az Virtual Jeep Club run to CK, we also were visited by a generous group of Off Road enthusiasts. The participants were armed with gloves, buckets, trucks & trailers. KDOC (KeepOurDesertClean) organized nearly 40 people to donate their time & rigs to help clean the CK Road from the desert to the pines. KODC partnered with State48OffRoad to make this event fun for everyone involved. There were 20 vehicles that ventured up the mountain on Saturday to the CK Clean-Up Event. The effort resulted in a dump trailer full of 30 trash bags, a sofa chair, desk, air mattress, carpeting & hundreds of nails. The participants were rewarded with raffles & fundraisers along the way. Thanks to their hard work, our community was rewarded with clean camp sites & roadsides. On behalf of Crown King, Thanks for helping to keep our mountain beautiful. Our world needs more acts of kindness like this!

KeepOurDesertClean’s missions statement is ‘to Clean all we can to keep the areas we love open all while setting an example for others to follow’.

Photos thanks to Mark Hopwood & the KeepOurDesertClean facebook page