Crown King Gladiator Fire – Day 7 Update 2

Here is the new video we have done in Google Earth for the Gladiator Fire that started in Crown King, AZ.  This is using information provided by the Southwest Incident Management Team.  The Gladiator Fire is still the only Type-1 incident fire in the nation, which means that it is highest priority fire.  In this video we not only go over the fire boundaries area, but also use a few new overlays available to help describe the fire and also talk about the latest static maps provided.  Hope this helps explain the fire and where it is burning.

It should also be noted that it is being reported still that 4 structures have burned.  This means that since the residence on the Swastika Mine burned a few days ago, no further structures have been reported to have burned.  I know a lot of people have Cabins near the Gladiator Mine and the Del Pasco Mine that have been worried about the status of their cabins.  While I am in no way an authority on the fire, it appears that they have all been saved so far.

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  1. thank you so much for the update. i live in prescott and love visiting crown king, as well as the rest of the bradshaws  and have been extremely worried about what’s going on in the forest. i came through mountain biking the other day up senator and pine flats and was nearly drawn to tears. best of luck.

    1. I am glad the updates are beneficial.  Hope to see you in town soon Drew.

  2. Thanks Dane for the video update.  Very helpful in understanding where the fire is currently burning.

    We pray all the firefighters and support personnel stay safe. 

  3. Best information on the status of the fire that I have been able to find on the net after several hours of searching.
    Great job and very much appreciated!!

    1. I am glad we could help, make sure you check back for more updates in the coming days.

  4. A big thank you to all the firefirefighters, slurry bomber and helicopter pilots and support personnel and anybody else I’ve missed who are putting themselves in harm’s way to get this situation resolved as quickly as possible.  Although most of us local residents don’t take the time to post a comment you can rest assured that all of us are depending on you and those who are writing and posting these excellent updates to keep us up to date on the current conditions.  I’m sure you all are getting very tired and yet continue to do your jobs to protect us.  As the slurry bombers and helos pass over my house in a continuous stream whenever you are able I’m amazed at the work and dedication of all who are keeping us locals safe and abreast of the current conditions and are keeping our minds at ease knowing how much effort you folks are putting into this.  Thank you again, stay safe and may the Good Lord watch out for each and every one of you.  You’ve paid your dues as far as I’m concerned and have gone far above and beyond what can be expected from you.  You all deserve a medal and praise from the local communities and state you are protecting.  I only wish there was something I could do to help you.  Keep Safe, our prayers are with you.


    1. Thank you for the support Mike, and yes teh fire crews work unbelievabley hard to fight these fires.

  5. Thanks Dane – great report and made me feel a bit better.  Still would much rather be with Ben.  I would find a nice fishin hole, turn off the phone and www and wait this monster out.

  6. Thanks again for all the information. You are doing a great job in keeping us all informed. Thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. Thank you to all the fire fighters for all they do.

  7. Definitely the most complete and helpful information that I’ve seen so far. Could you possibly point out where the towers are because that is a main point of reference for me. Thanks again for a great job.

  8. Thank you  to all those helping fight the fire, those helping take care of them and for this site and updates.  It’s so hard to sit back and wait to see if your home and beautiful property will burn.  Our cabin is on Laurita Road, way north from town . . . from the latest video, it looks as though the fire is pretty close.  Is there any map that shows where the homes are on the mountain and where the fire is in relation to them?  We are grateful for all those involved helping fight this fire.  Stay safe.

    1. None of the fire maps show the cabin sites directly.  I am unfamiliar with your cabin, but if you give me a better description of where it is at, I will see what i can find out. 

  9. Just found your web site.  Thank you for the good info.  I live in Breezy Pines and have been watching the planes and helicopters flying overhead, we are on pins and needles hoping that the fire is soon contained.  I add my thanks and prayers for all the firefighters out there working so hard to protect us all and my thoughts are with the evacuees.  

  10. This is excellent data and you are certainly doing Yoemans work! I now have a better understanding than ever thanks to you God bless all our folks fightng this horrific fire and in all support rolls as well. Pray for the preservation of our Bradshaws.

  11. Dane  Your doing a 5 star job with your reports. Many thanks.  Would love to have you point out Tower Mountain for reference. Wishing safety to all who are working so hard to save homes !!

  12. We here in Spring Valley are amazed at the organization and professional actions of
    all involved.  Please continue your progress and know that we are appreciative
    of all that you are accomplishing.  The reports are fabulous, keep up the good work.

    1. The fire crews have this down to a science, the orginization involved is very impressive. 

  13. We just got the smoke in Kirkland today.  It was so thick we thought we had another local fire.  God bless everyone who is contributing to help battle this fire.

    1. It was a smokey day all over, thanks for taking the time to read the blog. 

  14. Thank you so much for these reports! Truly, the best on the internet. Many many blessings to all who are involved with working on this fire. May you all remain strong and well, out of harms way. 

  15. Your information is so important to all the communities around Crown King. I live in Peeples Valley and have been watching the smoke with trepidation. It’s so dry all over we have to be careful no matter where we live.

    Thanks to the firefighters and all the people working so hard to get a handle on this blaze.

  16.  You are doing such a good job & working so hard.  We want you to know it is appreciated.
    Many thanks from Phoenix & Cabin #1 in Horsethief Basin!  Stay safe.

  17. Great reporting, very informative.  Thanks to all the dedicated people working so hard to keep Crown King and the surrounding communities safe.

  18. I like and appreciate your hard work to keep us informed.  Would it be possible to tell us how high the fire has gone?  We are Green Mountain (Spud Ranch) and wondering where the fire is ?   Can you  name which properties it is close to ie. the Roundalay, the Casey’s houses, Collup’s, Voss’s,  the Towers…if so, thank you in advance.

    1. I am working on another update now.  I will try and get to that info tonight or tomorrow.  

  19. awesome job on the updates DANA…very informative…you are doing a great job.

  20. Many thanks for the amazing update. I’m just sick for those who have lost homes.
    God bless all, who are laboring with this fire.

  21. when I got up this morning at 5am the news was showing 9pm last night it was great to go to your site and get new and accurate info sure made my day of cake decorating much easier

  22. Thank you again for the updates! is reporting cabins in Crown King are in danger again. Do you know anything more?

    1. I am working on an update now, make sure to check the blog again this evening for another update.

  23.  this video is much more informative than anything i can find online. Great job n letting us know where the fire is in relation to town and specific landmarks .Thank you for keeping us up to date.

  24. Thank you, Dane, for investing the time into this wonderful old fashioned research and reporting. 

    It has been immensely frustrating to watch/read news broadcasts as they show us flames and smoke plumes…and we already know what fire and smoke look like. What we really want to know is what is happening on the ground in our community and how our neighbors and our homes are doing.

    I am so grateful for your thoughtful and comprehensive presentation of all available information.   I appreciate your careful interpretation and sharing of the maps, technology and observations from first responders and our community. As bad as some of the news can be, having honest information helps us sleep at night!   Thanks again. 

  25. Thank you for keeping us up to date. Very informative! Crown king is near and dear to me as to many others. My thoughts and prayers are with EVERYONE fighting the battle and for those who reside in CK. We should have a HUGE party when this is all over. Campers, get your gear ready. Hopeful that everything will be OK.

  26. You have been the most informative person I have seen to date.  I live in Dewey and was worried.  Not so worried now. 
    Thank YOU to all who are working this fire and doing their best to contain it.  A heartfelt appreciation for you all.   

  27. Thank you, we are over in the Walker area.  The FD was sending out gloom and doom emails so really nice to hear from someone that is rational (and sitting in the middle of the fire).   Peggy, said it all.

  28. Thank you to all of those on the front lines and their support system!!!  I’m not a full time resident, yet my heart is with those who are and Ryan and I are keeping you and your homes and pets in our prayers along with the firefighters and Pilots helping to fight this blaze. 
    Dane thank you for keeping us updated and thanks to those who add what they know.  I’ve been sharing on face book and I know that you are all held in in prayer by many around the country.
    ALL OF YOU, Stay string and Stay Safe!!!! 

  29. I just found this post yesterday.  I am a native from Az and now live in Mo..  The news reports I could find had little or no information.  I lived in Humboldt for a few years and the area is of great intrest to me.  I still know several people in the area even though I never made it to Crown King many of my family and friends did.  Will be tracking what is happening through your site now as I can actually see what is happening.  Thank you for all your work and effort in this.  I thank God for people like you and all the firefighters.
    Laura Miner (used to be Davis)

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