Spring Horseshoe Pitch 2012

Bartender, Bev Kessler, and Pacho Villa ( Kurt Larson) are gearing up for another fun day at the Crown King Saloon.  Contestants were brushing up on their pitches while the crowd was growing with enthusiasm. This year’s event drew a class of 30 teams each hoping to be crowned “The 2012 Spring Horseshoe Pitch Winner”. Richard Button officiated the event, keeping the games rolling from 11:00 am till well after 6:00 pm. When it was all said and done, the first prize winners took home $100 for their efforts. Second prize winners received $80, while third place was awarded $60.  The Crown King Saloon provided the winners with some Crown King Swag to help sweeten the pot. Things got much busier as the day progress, but I never went back to the Saloon for more photos! So, below is a slide show with photos from the beginning of the event. The crowd definitely increased as the day progressed. Thanks to Mike and Dawn Colt, owners of the Crown King Saloon, for hosting this annual event. We would like to also thank the participants and spectators who helped make this a great event.