Crown King Benefits from Americorp & CKFD Volunteers

 Volunteers & Community Members Supported the Culvert Clean-out on Weds April 23rd.  Below is a message from Chuck Bolle and the CK Road Maintenance Association…. Thanks to Chuck and Linda Bolle for hosting the potluck following the project.

“The culvert cleanout effort went very well, weather was perfect and the crews were enthusiastic – everything I had wanted done was done and a few things extra. Thanks to Chief Lombardo who supported the event with an engine crew and a gator crew during his busiest fire reduction effort period. Thanks to Ben Boles and John Steele who very ably headed up the two core Americorp crews. And, thanks to the young Americorp people who donated a day of their time to our community. A very positive group and a pleasure to see young americans giving to their country.

Thanks to all who supported the potluck afterwards. Their was plenty of great food and what was left disappeared into the Americorp lair………….and perhaps the most important from Americorp’s view, thanks to Pam Jensen for serving up all the rootbeer floats!
Finally, thanks to Carol Boles for taking the time to follow the crews, take pictures and document the event.”  Chuck Bolle  April 24, 2014

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